New features in PHP 7: a quick overview

PHP 7 has finally been released in December 2015 – but now i find the time to deal with it and check out what it is bringing to us.
First: It’s a mile stone release that offers a lot of new features such as:

* Scalar type hints
* Return type declarations
* Anonymous classes
* The Closure::call() method

* Generator delegation
* Generator return expressions
* The null coalesce operator
* The space ship operator


* Throwables
* Level support for the dirname() function
* The Integer division function

* Uniform variable syntax

* And much … much more

It’s really great and not just getin‘ dirty with scalars (omgh :-p) – it is also 2 – 3 times more peroformant than the zend engine. This is because the php core team created the next generation engine wich replaces the traditional zend engine.

Here is a nice short video wich shows some of the new basic concepts.

If you are not familar with php the following video maybe a good point to break in for you. Rasmus Lerdorf is talking about how he created php in the ninties. He did that in his free time and worked regular for yahoo in the last decade. Now he is working for etsy … i thhink a cool place to stay – all is handcrafted code there and it is about the internet, big erp systems and much more. Go and hear what he is saying

Please go to…. to see the full list.

On wich branch are you develeoping? And what is your favorite IDE?

What are your first impressions of this nice language?

Here are some nice books for beginners too 😉


This documents my first professional steps with php in 2008 at php in kassel. i trained to develop and modify xtcommerce and other shop systems, used the smarty engine and mysql, the bash, curl, cron and much more. it was really interesting my job at it scope

my first php mysql certification

Here are some pics from the good old time

You wanna know it more general first? Here is a good place to start:
PHP :: Eine Einführung

And this is what i wanna do – asap 😉
Cant wait to see the high speed php


well, tell me about your experience if you like


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