pi-topCEED, the first $99 Raspberry Pi desktop!

A computer anyone can use to learn, play and create.


pi-topCEED is the world’s most affordable way to use and learn with the Raspberry Pi. It comes ready to plug and play and includes a Raspberry Pi 2 so you can dive in to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) right away, all for just $99!

pi-topCEED is a modular desktop. This means, just like pi-top, when a new Raspberry Pi device gets released you can take your old RPi out and insert the new one and just like that, you have a brand new desktop!




Once you plug in your pi-topCEED you gain access to a world of maker resources. Starting with our built for makers by makers operating system pi-topOS. Which includes all this great software and more!


Who is it for?

pi-topCEED is built with beginners of all ages in mind. Our goal has always been to make hardware as accessible as software is now, and a big part of that is making it beginner friendly.


We want you to be able to create your own products and ideas. pi-topCEED is the start of a journey that will see you gaining the skills to build and code your own hardware.

By using the bundled software in pi-topCEED you will be able to design your own components and products. You will be able to work together on projects, contribute and help each other through CEEDuniverse – our educational MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) – and share your work with others.

You can also use it as a regular desktop, do your work, check Facebook or surf the internet.

What can you do with pi-topCEED?

pi-topCEED is here to give you the most affordable platform to learn how to create hardware and engage with computing, all whilst fulfilling the normal roles you would expect from a desktop. With pi-topCEED you get more than a computer you will gain the skills to make your own ideas come to life. Here is an example of how that works!


Start making real hardware!

By using pi-topCEED you will learn to make and control home automation devices, robots, and consumer electronics. We have trialled our learning process by traveling the world and teaching hardware innovation lessons to students for the last 2 years.


pi-topCEED Key Features:

It is the perfect product to learn about software, hardware and becoming a real maker. pi-topCEED is shipped with a revolutionary learning platform CEEDuniverse to expand your computer science and maker knowledge.


Start learning

pi-topCEED comes with our learning game CEEDuniverse a multiplayer online game that will guide you through the complex world of hardware. We make 3D printing, printed circuit board design and making accessible. pi-topCEED provides a clear pathway to progress and increase your abilities to create.

We have traveled across the world getting feedback from thousands of students, educators and makers. We have created pi-topCEED based on tens of thousands of user comments from all across the maker community and we think it’s an amazing way to start learning about hardware.

With these lessons you will be able to start as a complete beginner and work towards advanced projects, working with others and earning experience/ rewards along the way. We want people to learn how to make anything and have fun doing it.



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