Facebook increases security for users

Facebook has become more concerned about its users’ security. The social giant understands that education is the key to providing users with a secure experience. We have already seen the Facebook “dinosaur” guiding us via privacy settings. Now Facebook pops out a short guide to improve the security of our profiles. We strongly recommend not to ignore it and take those steps to ensure that your profile is properly protected.

Step 1. Take control over your login


We check our Facebook profile on multiple devices: Our smartphones, tablets and via different apps (Facebook group, messenger, Facebook app). Sometimes we don’t even realize it! ‘Log Out of Unused Apps’ will show you all the apps that you use to log in, but haven’t used for a long period of time. From a security perspective that can create a vulnerable situation. If you don’t use the app, better log out!

We have also a solution for that. If you don’t want to be bother with constant login into your social account, we recommend Avast Passwords available for all your mobile devices for FREE. Check it out for Android and iOS. With one password you can safely log in into your all social apps, without remembering multiple passwords!

Step 2. Set up login alerts


Facebook will let you know when there is an attempt to log into your account via a new device or browser. You can set up both – Facebook notifications as well as email alerts. In this way you have better control over who, when, and where someone tries to login into your profile. You will receive a notification and if it is a hacking attempt, you can block it. We recommend to chose both options, in order to increase your chances to discover a hacker, before he cracks your account.

Step 3: Protect your Password

Zrzut-ekranu-2015-11-05-o-16.09.33Follow simple security rules:
1.1. Set up unique password to your account (don’t use the same password to all your social profiles).
2.2. Don’t share it with anyone else.
3.3. Make sure your password is strong: it should contain small and big characters, numbers and special signs. We recommend minimum 16 characters.
4.4. Change passwords regularly and always, if any of your accounts or websites that you use is compromised.
5.5. Last but not least, use Password management system, to protect all your accounts requiring logins, not only Facebook. For example the free Avast Passwords.

Get your free copy here
Get your free copy here
Get some more information
Get some more information

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