Hacker Steve Lord says Windows Phone is the”hardest nut to crack”

Smartphones have easily become the most important devices on the planet. Since their inception, they’ve ruled the way we live, becoming more like an appendage than a gadget. These devices store all of our personal information: our social media accounts, our credit card information, everything that you would ever want to keep safe from the outside world. It’s this high level of sensitivity in our smartphones that make people like Steve Lord, 15 year white hat hacker, so terrifying.

WhatMobile did an interview with Steve Lord, talking about what a white hat hacker does, why they’re important, and what the state of cyber security in the world is. It’s something that is, without a doubt, highly enlightening to anyone who lives their life through the screen of their smartphone. What should be especially interesting, however, is what Steve had to say about which smartphones are currently the most secure.

Under Attack: An interview with a hacker

“All have benefits and drawbacks. Currently Windows Phone seems to be the hardest nut to crack. Blackberry has a long history of being very security-focused. If I have physical access to the device, I find Android’s usually the easiest target. Then comes iPhone, then older versions of BlackBerry. If it’s over a network or I have to attack via email or message, Android’s usually the softest target.”

It’s good to hear that Windows Phones are currently more secure than their competitors, though it’s not really that big of a surprise. Microsoft has always been a company that focuses on keeping phones secure – for a company whose audience consists largely of business executives, that security is absolutely vital. When you’re sporting the “most secure Windows ever,” you should always feel safe from hackers.

This doesn’t mean that Windows Phone is perfect, or entirely impenetrable. No device will ever be safe from hackers, and you should always take care to keep your information safe with your own precautions. That said, with Microsoft at your back, you should always feel like you’re one step ahead of the people who would want to take your personal information.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10: SECURITY

The most secure Windows ever, Windows 10 has more built-in security protections to help safeguard you against viruses, phishing, and malware. New features are now delivered through always-enabled updates, helping you to stay current and your system to feel fresh, so you’re free to do.

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