FAC51TheHacienda Hacienda Preston Dec 2013 – Greg Wilson Full Set

avatars-000043708533-e2vl1s-t500x500another great set from of the fantastic british dj’s

The full set from Greg’s appearance at Hacienda Preston in December 2013, GW’s mix is a laid back, edgy collection of reworked classics and modern material, subtly blended and edited as he pulls together a slower tempo but still exhilarating set. As the strains and wah wah guitar of Seal’s “Crazy” comes through at the start, this edit is a scene setter showing off Trevor Horn’s intricate production tricks.

Greg’s electro and eighties roots continue with the Derek Kay remodelling of Rufus & Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” whose distorted but still anthemic piano line, gated vocals and effects segue into another tune from the period, Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance”, a light fingered take which display B-Boy references from the period.

The original of The Roses’ “Fool’s Gold” sets up the second section of the mix, with the early Acid tones of Cultural Vibe and Nitro Deluxe “This Brutal House” elegantly guiding the listener through. Greg’s own mix of T-Coy’s “Carino”. Mike Pickering’s early Deconstruction Records tribute to Latin dance proves a high point while the familiar keyboard stabs of “Love Sensation” herald a space disco edit from the stars.

Towards the home straight Greg’s treatment of Gerald’s “Voodoo Ray” is aired, while FPI Project’s “Rich In Paradise” is placed next to Richie Haven’s “Going Back To My Routes” to underline the power of the original version before Inner City’s “Good Life” and the live version of Orbital’s “Chime” close off the set.


Greg Wilson At Hacienda Preston Dec 2013 Tracklisting

Seal “Crazy” (Fingerman Edit)
Rufus Feat Chaka Khan “Ain’t Nobody” (Derek Kaye Rework)
Neneh Cherry “Buffalo Stance” (Henry Greenwood Rework)
Stone Rose “Fools Gold”
Cultural Vibe “Ma Foom Bey” (Peza Rework)
Nitro Deluxe “This Brutal House”
T-Coy “Carino” (GW Edit)
Loleatta Holloway “Love Sensation (Beaten Space Probe Edit)
A Guy Called Gerald “Voodoo Ray (GW Edit)
FPI Project “Rich In Paradise”
Richie Havens “Going Back To My Roots” (Killer Funk Disco Edit)
Inner City “Good Life”
Orbital “Chime” (Live)

Please note, the mix rights on this set rest with Greg Wilson. Any licensing or sub licensing requests by third parties need to be approved in advance. For requests email artists@fac51thehacienda.com


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