System 7 with Son Kite – Chihiro 61298 (Robita Bells mix)



Goodness, it’s a long time since we had any System 7. I’m not sure they appeared in any of the 1050 posts I had in 2012. To remedy that, here’s a track that’s a free download.

System 7 are Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy. They’ve been around as System 7 since the early 90s; though Steve has been around waaaaay longer than that. More here. This has all the classic System 7 elements, with shards of Steve Hillage’s guitar peppering the track and trancey techno beats. At 9 minutes, this feels kind of standard length for their work. The remix gives it a loose relaxed feel. Very fine for those space hippyish moments, whilst whirling around your kitchen in a kaftan.

Blurb: The original version of Chihiro 61298 is one of the highlights of the System 7 Phoenix album. A great collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson (Son…

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