Nokia Lumia 925 – After The Buzz, Episode 025

Learn more about the Lumia 925! Read our full reviews of the global and T-Mobile variants at Pocketnow (Full description below):……

While it just became available on AT&T in September, the Lumia 925 first launched in the United States on T-Mobile back in July, and it was available in parts of Europe the month before that. Our own Anton D. Nagy reviewed the phone at that time, calling it a „joy to use,“ and promising that, for the right kind of customer, it wouldn’t disappoint. Senior Editor Adam Z. Lein concurred with that assessment when he reviewed the T-Mobile USA variant in August, calling the device „top notch.“

Five months later, it’s tough to dispute either of these contentions: the Lumia 925 is indeed something special. But the intervening time has also thrown some of the creakier elements of Windows Phone into stark relief, and the release of Nokia’s stunning Lumia 1020 a few months back has also impacted the 925’s clout.

Does this venerable Lumia 920 refresh have what it takes to soldier on under the crushing onslaught of time? Should you consider snapping up its higher-resolution sibling or its phablet cousin instead? How many different ways are there to mispronounce „Nokia?“ Those questions and more answered in our Lumia 925 review redux, the latest episode of After The Buzz!


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