How to Use Nokia PhotoBeamer

Nokia recently released a new app for their Windows Phones that does something surprisingly innovative. Load up Photobeamer on your phone and select a photo in one of your albums stored on your phone. It doesn’t work with cloud-based photo albums, but that’s okay. After you select a photo, it will switch to QR code scanning mode using the phone’s camera. On the screen that you want to display your photos, all you have to do is load That web site will generate a QR code image on the screen. Point the QR code scanner at the QR code on the screen you want to display your photos on, and all of a sudden there it is!

There’s no wires involved, no pairing, no NFC baloney… just point your phone at the QR code. Of course, this only works with screens that have a web browser and are connected to the internet, but those are pretty common these days. I imagine the website creates a QR code that identifies whichever web browser you’re using and then when the phone scans that QR code it creates a link that allows the photos to stream directly to that remote web browser.

You can also swipe the images on your phone to scroll through them on the remote screen and it’s easy to go back and choose a different photo to display from your phone. If you wanted to show PowerPoint slides this way, all you’d have to do is export the slide deck as individual JPGs and copy them to a folder within your pictures folder on your phone.


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