Smartphones & security: How to keep enterprise data safe in 2016

Cyber attacks flooded headlines in 2015. While the attention on these hacks caused companies to take a second look at their own security procedures and possible vulnerabilities, it doesn’t mean companies are in the clear. Hackers will continue to find new ways to expose and steal data–with mobile becoming a major target in 2016.

If your organization is a fan of BYOD or your users can access company data from their personal devices (hint: they probably can and probably do), then it’s time to sharpen your mobile security strategy. Need to get buy-in to increase your organization’s mobile security policy? These numbers don’t lie.

Smartphone Security


Help your tech team step up their security game and learn more with our series on Ethical Hacking.


Help your tech team step up their security game and learn more with our series on Ethical Hacking.

Neues Projekt: Relaunch Galo Bookings

Galo Bookings ist ein Veranstalter aus Landshut, Germany.

u.a. werden die Bands


Shanti Powa Orchestra

Deepwalka and the Pensioneers

Shanti Powa



von Galo Bookings betreut.

Hört doch schon mal rein

roots run Reggae

Demograffics feat. Sean Price – Bavarias Most Blunted

Netzfund: Niemand arbeitet gern umsonst!

Würde euch ein Starbucks-Mitarbeiter einen Kaffee für umsonst geben, damit ihr die Qualität erst testen könnt?
Oder wäre es fair, wenn ihr in einem Restaurant beim ersten Besuch nichts bezahlt und erst beim nächsten Besuch Geld auf den Tisch legt? – natürlich nicht!

Leider wird das immer wieder von Kreativarbeitern in Form von unbezahlten Pitches gefordet.
Die Agentur Zulu Alpha Kilo hat diese Absurdität in einem kurzem Videoclip auf eine recht unterhaltsame Art und Weise aufbereitet.

“First you pay, then you eat!” – seht selbst!

Architects don’t give away their blueprints. Diners don’t fork out free meals. Personal Trainers don’t sign over their intellectual property on spec. This video pokes fun at the speculative creative bidding process in new business pitches. We believe there’s a better way for agencies and clients to find the perfect match.


How To Be a Detective News

Last year, we looked at the art and science of getting good WordPress support.

Now, let’s jump into some of the more advanced troubleshooting techniques you can use to tackle the trickier problems you might come up against.

Have you heard the old joke:

Patient:Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor:Then don’t do that!

With advanced troubleshooting it’s exactly the opposite! You want to be able to reliably reproduce your symptoms. Knowing exactly how to recreate the problem will be a huge help in figuring out how to fix it.

Your visual editor isn’t loading! You can’t drag-and-drop widgets! Your sticky posts aren’t sticking!

Finding the cause of a problem is like detective work. You look for clues. You find likely suspects. You narrow down the perpetrators.

The first question to usually ask yourself is: What did I change most recently? Undoing your last action very…

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out now: Urbano – 23 [Lanthan.Audio]

pforzheim rules

NovaFuture Blog





Release Date:
20th April 2016

2×12″ & digital

Forget Your Memories


Never Ending

Protect The Revolution

Control Your Mind

A Trip To Myself

Travel Inside Your Head



What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Press Info:, the German label founded by Christian Gerlach, now presents its fourth release with a double LP featuring Urbano. The Brazilian-born German-based artist delivers 10 tracks where he expands different facets of his production skills.

The LP contains several powerful Techno pieces to get lost in his hypnotic rhythms as in A2 ‘Illusion’. Urbano explores his rave-like sounds with industrial grooves in B1 and D2. C2 ‘Travel Inside Your Head’ brings your mind into an acidic and loopy ecstasy combined with atmospheric cuts. Besides, B2 and D1 are your proper bangs to…

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Gehorche Keinem!

one more time for my friend Erdoğan

Tesekkürler! Mister Terrorist Erdoğan

„I’m Translating at WordPress Translation Day!“

Holger Sinn </br> Softwareentwicklung & Beratung

WordPress Global Translation Day is 1 full day dedicated to bringing WordPress to more people around the world. 24 hours of live training sessions on WordPress i18n & L10n.

Sounds good to you?
Join me there

wpgtd-badge-translating I’m Translating at WordPress Translation Day!

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A Revolution in Theming: WordPress Theme Frameworks

The future of WordPress theming is in Theme Frameworks. If WordPress included three or four theme frameworks—not default themes—in the core it wouldn’t just be the easiest CMS to theme, it’d be the smartest.


WordPress is exceptionally easy to Theme—but it can be better. WordPress can be a smart little CMS for most websites—but it can be better. How? WordPress Theme Frameworks.

A while ago I asked a whole bunch of smart people what they thought the future of WordPress themes would look like. I also asked the whole WordPress community (also very smart) to think about a new default theme for WordPress. It’s putting those two things together that’s led me to the following statement:

The future of WordPress theming is in Theme Frameworks. If WordPress included three or four theme frameworks—not default themes—in the core it wouldn’t just be the easiest CMS to theme, it’d be the smartest.

Thinking of Theme Frameworks as something different from Themes could be revolutionary. And they don’t have to be included in the WordPress core to change how we think of WordPress themes…

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Jean Michel Jarre – „A Journey into Sound“ (Arte, German 2015)

►Playlist: Jean Michel Jarre – DOCUMENTARY: class=“yt-uix-sessionlink “ href=“; target=“_blank“ rel=“nofollow“>;
►Jean-Michel Jarre – A Journey into Sound (Arte -19.09.2015)
►Regie: Birgit Herdlitschke
►Jean-Michel Jarre revolutioniert mit seinen Synthesizer-Klängen die Musikwelt und ist einer der größten französischen Popstars aller Zeiten. Mit dem Film von Birgit Herdlitschke erobert ARTE bislang unbekanntes Terrain: Es ist die erste TV-Dokumentation über Jean-Michel Jarre.
►Sie begleitet den 66-Jährigen bei den Aufnahmen zu seinem neuen Album, mit dem er sich einen Traum erfüllt: Er ist um die Welt gereist und hat mit Legenden der elektronischen Musik Songs eingespielt – unter anderem mit Vince Clarke, Moby, Little Boots und Gesaffelstein.
►Diese Begegnungen bilden das Rückgrat des Films. Von hier aus blickt Jarre zurück auf sein Leben und seine Karriere: von der Kindheit in Lyon und Paris über erste Experimente mit elektronischen Klängen bis zum Übernacht-Erfolg mit „Oxygène“. Er erklärt uns, was ihn an elektronischer Musik bis heute fasziniert und erzählt, warum er selbst bei Auftritten vor einem Millionenpublikum seine Melancholie nicht loswird und was sein Vater damit zu tun hat.
►Umfangreiches Filmmaterial aus privaten und öffentlichen Archiven bebildert die persönliche Zeitenreise und die Highlights seiner Karriere.
►Ergänzt mit aktuell gedrehten Szenen entsteht ein umfassendes Bild des Klangpioniers der elektronischen Musik. Zu Wort kommen neben Jean-Michel Jarre selbst auch seine Ex-Frau Charlotte Rampling, Freunde, Wegbegleiter und junge Musiker-Kollegen.
►MORE: <a class=“yt-uix-sessionlink “ href=“; target=“_blank“ rel=“nofollow“>

Finally: Install Windows 10 for Phones on Non-supported devices

99.99% success! I found this method at one of Chinese forum:

Same idea with RustyGrom’s thread:;.php?t=3030105

I just did some important translation :

1. Install the Windows Insider app on your phone (you will need to have a store account configured)
2. Open Internet Explorer on your phone and navigate to, then a file will be asked for download, accept and run the file to install it. (Why install the file?because the file will change a win8 registry key and set device value to Lumia 636 Hongkong Version , cheating on Microsoft in order to get Win10 technical preview notification)
3. Edit the settings for your phone WiFi connection to turn on the Proxy and set it to use as IP address and enter 7777 for the port
4. Run the Windows Insider app and tap get preview builds
5. You will see Enroll page with two option: Insider Slow (wont work for most of phones) and Insider Fast, Do NOT join any one of them now,(

New features in PHP 7: a quick overview

PHP 7 has finally been released in December 2015 – but now i find the time to deal with it and check out what it is bringing to us.
First: It’s a mile stone release that offers a lot of new features such as:

* Scalar type hints
* Return type declarations
* Anonymous classes
* The Closure::call() method

* Generator delegation
* Generator return expressions
* The null coalesce operator
* The space ship operator


* Throwables
* Level support for the dirname() function
* The Integer division function

* Uniform variable syntax

* And much … much more

It’s really great and not just getin‘ dirty with scalars (omgh :-p) – it is also 2 – 3 times more peroformant than the zend engine. This is because the php core team created the next generation engine wich replaces the traditional zend engine.

Here is a nice short video wich shows some of the new basic concepts.

If you are not familar with php the following video maybe a good point to break in for you. Rasmus Lerdorf is talking about how he created php in the ninties. He did that in his free time and worked regular for yahoo in the last decade. Now he is working for etsy … i thhink a cool place to stay – all is handcrafted code there and it is about the internet, big erp systems and much more. Go and hear what he is saying

Please go to…. to see the full list.

On wich branch are you develeoping? And what is your favorite IDE?

What are your first impressions of this nice language?

Here are some nice books for beginners too😉


This documents my first professional steps with php in 2008 at php in kassel. i trained to develop and modify xtcommerce and other shop systems, used the smarty engine and mysql, the bash, curl, cron and much more. it was really interesting my job at it scope

my first php mysql certification

Here are some pics from the good old time

You wanna know it more general first? Here is a good place to start:
PHP :: Eine Einführung

And this is what i wanna do – asap😉
Cant wait to see the high speed php


well, tell me about your experience if you like

a fan site of the beautyful camera handy … apps i developed for microsoft … and what geeky things i own

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